At Minnesota Golf Lab, we want your experience to be as user-friendly as it is fun! On this page, you will find helpful information and instructions for getting started with our aboutGolf Golf Simulator Systems.


For quick help, click on a section in the help list below to jump to that specific part of the instructions.

Turning ON the Simulator

Starting a Game Round

Adding a Player

The Course Screen

The Scoring Screen

The Driving Range

Turning ON the Simulator

  1. Open the glass case, then turn the Power Switch ON. It will light up red in color after powered on.

  2. Turn the computer ON via the small, half-oval-shaped button. The small light will turn blue when powered on.

  3. If the projector does not turn ON after a few minutes, use the white remote to turn it on. Note: It might take a few minutes to load.

  4. Once everything is ON and loaded, the Main Menu will feature this screen:

Main Menu.png

Starting a Game Round

  1. On the Main Menu, click Play to go to the Player List Screen. Select the members for your round by choosing Add Player.

  2. At the Member Login Screen, create a new member, or select an existing member, to add to Today’s Group. Then, click OK.

  3. Select the course, course holes and weather options at the Player List Screen. Or, choose Customize or Next to go to the Course Screen to make your selections.

  4. On the Course Screen, choose the course, holes, pins and weather conditions. Then, click Next.

  5. On the Scoring Screen, select the scoring options before choosing Tee Off to start your round.

  6. For Stroke Play, you also have the option to Tee Off directly from the Player List Screen.

Start Game Round.png

Adding a Player

  1. Before beginning a round of golf, you must Create a New Member or Select an Existing Member to add to Today’s Group. At the Player List Screen, click Add Player.

  2. From the Add Player Screen, you have the options to:

    •  Select an Existing Member.

      1. When there are a lot of members in the list, enter the player name or part of the player name in the search box and click OK to jump directly to the first matching name in the list.​

      2. To go to the next matching name in the list, click the magnifying glass, or type the first few letters of the player name on your keyboard. You will be taken to the first matching name in the list.

    • Create a New Guest or Online aboutGolf Data Member.

    • Select an Existing Online aboutGolf Data Member on 'The Cloud'.

  3. After Creating a New Member or Select an Existing Member, click OK to return to the Player List Screen.​

Add Player.png

The Course Screen

  1. To setup Game Options before playing a game round, click the Customize or Next options at the bottom-right of the Player List Screen. You will then be taken to the Course Screen.

  2. Course Options:

    • Course (top-right) – Click on the course graphic to select a course to play. Note: All archived courses will display last in the course list.​

    • Course Hole Information (under the course graphic) – Displays course information for the hole highlighted including: top view, hole number, par, tee yardage, and men/ladies slope values.

    • Holes to Play (next to the course graphic) – Options are: All 18, Front 9, Back 9, or Custom. Note: If Custom is selected, you must select one or more holes to play for the round.

The Course Screen.png

The Scoring Screen

On the Scoring Screen, you have the option to setup the following Scoring Options:

  • Scoring (middle-top) – Scoring type options are: stroke, closest to pin, long drive, match, scramble, and stableford. Note: For match and scramble play, select at least 2 players and choose the Team for your players.

  • Handicaps (left of Scoring option) – Handicap options are: OFF, absolute, and relative. When handicaps are ON, you have the option to enter a handicap for your player when choosing stroke, match or stableford scoring types.

  • Gimme (top-left) – Gimme options are: OFF, 3 FT, 6 FT, 9 FT, and 12 FT. If game units are set to meters, the Gimme options are: 1 M, 2 M, 3 M, 4 M. 

    • Auto Continue (under Gimme) – Select from the following options: OFF, instant, 1-second, 4-seconds, 7-seconds, 10-seconds, and 15-seconds.

    • Auto Gimme (under Auto Continue) – If you want to limit manual putting, turn ON Auto Gimme. Select from the following options: ON / OFF.

    • Mulligans (under Auto Gimme) - Select YES / NO to turn ON / OFF the Mulligan option.​

    • Auto Drop (under Mulligan) - Select YES / NO to turn ON / OFF the Auto Drop option.

    • Auto Concede (under Auto Drop) - Options are: OFF, bogey, double bogey, triple bogey, double par, and 10-strokes.

  • Driving Range (middle-bottom of screen) - Click to go to the Driving Range to take warm up shots before starting a game round.​

  • Tee Off (bottom-right) - Click to begin Round Play once all your game options have been setup.

The Scoring Screen.png

The Driving Range

The Driving Range allows you to try out different golf clubs to help you determine which club is the best fit for you. To access the Driving Range before starting a game round:

  1. Click on the Driving Range button on the Scoring Screen.

  2. After taking your shot, you can review the shot information in various formats on the Post-Shot Screens

Driving Range.png