MN Golf Lab is a Professional Indoor Golf Simulator Studio. We ask that you please abide by our rules, policies and tips below while you use the Studio facility.


If you are new to Golf Simulators, you may find the below information labeled "First Time Players" and "Approximate Play Time" helpful!

Age Requirements

  • Players must be 18-years or older to Reserve a Bay at MN Golf Lab without an adult.

  • Children under 12-years-old must have an adult present at all times at MN Golf Lab.

Shoes & Spikes

Clean, dry, soft spike golf shoes only, please! No boots or dress shoes/heels are permitted in the facility.

Dress Code

Dress code is casual.


Bring your own clubs. Please make sure club faces are clean.

Golf Balls

The Simulator Systems require specific golf balls to function properly. MN Golf Lab supplies these specially marked Callaway golf balls for you, so you do not need to bring your own golf balls. Please do not use any other golf balls with the Simulators. Please do not make any additional marks on the provided golf balls, as they transfer those marks to, and ruin, our Simulator Screens.

Food & Drink

No food, drink, or alcohol are allowed in the Golf Simulator Bays.

Number of Players Per Reservation / Simulator Bay

Maximum of 4 players per Bay.  If your group has more players, please Contact MN Golf Lab.

Approximate Play Time

Once familiar with the Simulator System, it takes approximately 1 hour per person playing to complete 18 holes. Playing ability will also affect how long it will take you to complete your round.

First Time Players

We recommend booking extra time if it is your first time playing, to ensure you have enough golf play after startup. There may be a slight learning curve to startup the Simulator technology if you are not familiar with any Golf Simulator Systems prior to your reservation.

Damage Charge Policy

If damages occur during your reservation, you may be held financially responsible for repairs, as well as a $200 charge per day per Golf Simulator Bay that is not in working condition.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance or you will be charged the entire amount for your booking. To cancel, please notify MN Golf Lab by calling, emailing, or using the message form on the Contact Page.